Florida MTB Trails are a wonderful gift that we're all lucky to have, these trails take alot of hard work to maintain & keep them in the pristine level that they are in. 
Please support your local MTB Club by either Joining, Volunteering Time or Donating $$$. 
PROEDGEBIKER.COM is proud to say that we're a part of SWAMP ClubSuncoast Cycling Club & Club Mud

We all have a great hobby, the hobby of CYCLING! 
In our opinion, there is nothing better than getting done with a nice ride and being able to review it by watching the video... 

The most rewarding part about making the Cycling Videos is when we receive emails from new riders letting us know that by watching our MTB Trail Vids made them hit the trails. Another great email we enjoy is when someone says "I never knew there was MTBing in Florida". 
So when you see us riding by, remember to Smile, you might just be in one of our next Videos!!! 

"A picture is worth a thousand words but Videos tell the whole story.." - PEB